Mike Kuhn  13-Dec-2002
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A very good script and excellent value. The program works very well and the customer support has been fantastic.


Upgrade Policy


- We are using version upgrades instead of period upgrades.
The bad thing in period upgrades is that the new version could be holded before release to make the free upgrade period to expire...
This is not the case in the version upgrades.

- The first upgrade to the new version1 of the product after the purchase it's free. All other upgrade costs are 50% from the price raise between the old version and the new release.
If there is no price raise between old version and new version, the upgrade is free.

- Customized version of our script - outside of the admin2 - made by our team or by other developers is not possible to upgrade to the new version withouth loosing the customization. Supported changes for upgrade is everything that is possible to change/setup in the admin - starting from language text, email messages, html files, settings etc...

- If the upgrade is done by our team, there is an extra charge which depends on the extra requests or changes.

1 - new version means the following in version number(release order).

2 - outside of the admin means changing the code directly in the script files

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