Mike Kuhn  13-Dec-2002
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A very good script and excellent value. The program works very well and the customer support has been fantastic.

PHP-Lance v1.52PHP-Lance v1.52 - price US $105

PHP-Lance, is a multilingual freelancer site with advanced customization option in the admin area. You can set all functions of the site such as: you can add as many languages as you want, change the site colors easily, set the transaction fee, manage sellers and buyers, etc.

- Current version of the Php-Lance is 1.52. Please read more about our Upgrade Policy here.


Two type of Users: Buyers and Sellers
  • Free registration
  • Post projects
  • Search in projects
  • Search in sellers
  • Post your profile
  • Edit/Update your projects/account/profile
  • Write reviews about sellers
  • Post private/public messages
  • Select winner seller for your projects
  • Subscribe to Newsletter
  • Free Registration
  • Search in projects
  • Search in sellers
  • Bid for projects
  • Post your profile
  • Post your portfolio
  • Edit/Update your bids/account/profile/portfolio
  • Write reviews about buyers
  • Post private/public messages
  • Subscribe to Newsletter

Multi-Currency Option


Multilanguage support, you can add/edit/delete language, plus you can: manage site colors, manage site settings, manage images settings, manage categories, manage subcategories, manage buyers, manage sellers, manage currency, manage projects, manage rating, manage distributed projects, manage transaction fee, manage lowest budget, manage invoice/pay details, send bulk email to users, edit/update contact email, edit/update mainpage news, manage newsletter subscribers, send newsletter, backup database, restore database etc.


New Features:

  • Planning section added to buyers and sellers and admin interface to manage plannings
  • Added themes section and admin interface to edit/delete/add themes.
  • Possibility to change the header, footer code, the theme colors, CSS file and the layout align position
  • Admin interface to edit/delete/add (header, footer and side) banners. Possibility to turn display yes/no
  • Possibility to add featured projects, featured buyers and featured sellers, and list these on the mainpage
  • More complex advanced search
  • Possibility to sort (ASC or DESC) the result list by featured project, project title, bids, subcategory, time left, etc.
  • Added All Projects link
  • Added italian language

and more...

To access the demo admin area, here are the login information: username: admin password: admin

Requirements: php language (4.x), mysql database, any web server;

Server Compatibility Test - Download a simple php file to see if this script will run on your server!
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Alexander Sibert25-Nov-2008 04:09:19

Cool Product! You can make a own Job- and Freelancerportal with multilanguage support and differently themes. PHP-Lance is easy to customize! Under the URL profiteer.de you can see our work! Thank the support for the professional help!


Matthew G.08-Jun-2006 09:13:28

We purchased the script last year and are very satisfied. We have found the script to have a lot of options without any major problems. For the price, you cannot find a script with this type of functionality.

We also had modifications completed by Scriptdemo/BixmixSoft for our specific site needs. I have to give a glowing review to the support team for their timely high quality updates. All our requests to support have been handled promptly actually solving any problem that we might have had.

If you are interested in this script, you should have no reservations about support or customization, these folks are great!


Christos Teriakis01-Jun-2006 13:25:07

Great and friendly support team, but the script itself needs some improvements. eg if you use it as a porgrammers lance, it has no option lists for Language, or Database. Some options lists are a must.


andrew b12-Jun-2005 16:57:48

shitty script, no escrow , sme bugs ... i`ve paid for nothing ! users cant see their balance .. SHIT !


J.M17-Feb-2005 11:07:00

Sorry I just found out that there is a category edit form under Edit Language/Select Language/Edit Categories. My bad. Guess all it needs is the signup editted.




Nice script but it needs a little more control on the admin side. You should be able to edit and add categories from admin. The register process really needs work. It should all be on one form and only need to verify the email afterward.



some problem i see on this script
the buyers and the provider can put their email adres in to the messaje of the project body and after that can skip this site and to make the deal outsite from this site and you lose your percent


Daniel M.04-Mar-2004

Excellent script, Excellent support, 100% reliable. What else can we ask for ?

I definitely recommend this company.


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