JV Media Design  11-Nov-2003
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We are very pleased with the PHP Jobsite script. Also, BitmixSoft has been very helpful with their customer service. We highly recommend this product and this company.

PHP-Jokesite ver2.0PHP-Jokesite ver2.0 - price US $49

Php Jokesite ver2.0, is the improvement of Php Jokesite, like admin section and main pages. With multilingual support you can use the script in more than one language. In admin area you can edit easily the language texts and language related images. Using ImageMagick, the thumbnail image will be created automatically with best quality.

- Current version of the Php-Jokesite is 2.0. Please read more about our Upgrade Policy here.


Users can:
  • Post Jokes
  • Post Pictures
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to site daily/weekly/monthly joke newsletter
  • Subscribe to advertiser newsletters
  • Send joke to his friends
  • Send postcards to his friends
  • Put on their site Content channel with "Joke of the day" and "Picture of the day"
New features:
  • Choose preferred language
  • Rate each joke once in a time limit
  • Print preferred joke (in printable version)

  • Add/delete/modify/validate jokes
  • Add/delete/modify/validate pictures
  • Add/delete/modify joke, picture, censor, newsletter categories
  • Modify site colors (layout) and most important site settings
  • Manage daily/weekly/monthly newsletters
  • Manage newsletter subscribers
  • Manage advertiser newsletters
  • Send bulk email to subscribers
  • Add/delete/modify Banners
New features:
  • Change all texts and language related images
  • Add new language
  • Set charset option for each language
  • Set time limit for two consecutive rating of a joke
  • Set dirty word filter
  • Choose html or text email option
  • Database management: backup/restore/update database
  • Choose to view random images or selected images at images area
  • Show/hide left part and right part forms
  • Can allow users to post jokes/pictures without validation

To access the demo admin area, here are the login information: username: admin password: admin

Requirements: php language (4.x), mysql database, any web server;

Server Compatibility Test - Download a simple php file to see if this script will run on your server!
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Simone Emmons03-Mar-2004

I bought the script and had them customize it to have this script as a lyrics database. I am so impressed not only with their customization but also with integrating my design and provided excellent support. I have had many bad experiences with other companies and must say that their support is the best out there. They respond immediately and it seems like they never sleep. When they can't be available right away they even send you an e-mail to communicate this, so you don't feel ignored. I am very happy with the outcome of my project and this is why I am taking the time to write this. Take a look at the outcome of their work http://www.LatinLyricsDirectory.com.



I have just bought the Joke site 2ver. and Job Site. These programs are the best that I have seen so far. Anyway I think that the reason that I am writing this review is because of the great custumer support that I have been given by these profesional team. No doubt I will work with these guys in the future and that I stronly recomend anyone to buy or work with scriptdemo.com



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