Mike Kuhn  13-Dec-2002
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A very good script and excellent value. The program works very well and the customer support has been fantastic.

PHP-Banner-Manager ver2.1PHP-Banner-Manager ver2.1 - price US $59

PHP-Banner-Manager ver2.1 is a banner rotation software with payment section and multilanguage support.
This script is useful if you intend to raise your earnings by selling ad spaces on your site.
Planning system allows users to buy credits based on banner impressions, clicks or date (flat rate).
User can manage his banners and invoices.
The script supports any size of banners and multiple web sites.

- Please read more about our Upgrade Policy for the Php-Banner-Manager 2.1 here.


To access the user demo area, please register with your email address first!

To access the admin demo area, here is the login information:
- username: admin password: admin

Users can:
  • Register
  • Login
  • Edit account
  • Edit billing address
  • Request support
  • Buy credits
  • Pay online with credit card
  • View/Print invoices
  • View invoice in pdf format
  • Manage own banners
  • Preview banner size
  • Set banner filtering by country
  • View daily and monthly statistics (number of clicks and impressions)
  • Receive daily, weekly or monthly report email.

  • Password protected admin area
  • Search/print/delete invoices
  • Manage users
  • Manage users credits
  • View users who buyed a plannings
  • Validate/decline purchase
  • Search invoices by Id, User name, date or by users
  • Banner management
    • Add/edit/delete/suspend/activate banners
    • Manage/add admin banners
    • Set start/end date for admin banners
    • Set banner filtering by country
    • Validate banners
    • Manage removed (archived) banners
    • Period manager
    • Manage banner zones(set zone email to receive a report)
    • Planning manager
    • Banners and admin banners statistics (number of clicks and impressions)
    • Generate javascript and php banner code
  • Option to open a new window when user clicks on a banner
  • Option to specify the period (in minutes) in which a click or impression must be unique
  • Enable banner display filtering by country
  • Send a bulk email to all users
  • Script management
    • Script settings
    • Payment settings
    • Layout manager
    • Cron settings
  • Change admin password
  • View log file statistics or detailed log file
  • Set payment processing
    • manual
    • paypal
    • authorize
    • echo-inc
    • 2checkout
    • verisign
    • worldpay
    • paysystems
  • Database management
    • Backup
    • Restore
    • Update database
  • Languages: add/edit/delete
  • Edit Email Messages
  • Edit HTML Files

To access the demo admin area, here are the login information: username: admin password: admin

Requirements: php language (4.x), mysql database, any web server;

Server Compatibility Test - Download a simple php file to see if this script will run on your server!
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