Sam  16-May-2003
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I spent so much time in building a Java website which has the same functionnalities as PHPJob but has too much bugs... It's unbelievable ! This script is very very nice, has all the modules needed to run a good job board. The support is also very good, very kindful. No comments !

PHP-Banner-ManagerPHP-Banner-Manager - price US $49

PHP-Banner-Manager, is a complete banner management system. You can manage all banners from your site. Easy to use administration interface allows you to manage banner zones, clients, generate html code. If some problems occurred using the script, we are offering our help to make the necessary changes.

- Current version of the Php-Banner-Manager is 1.6. Please read more about our Upgrade Policy here.


To access the demo area, here are the login information:
- username: admin password: admin
- username: user password: user

Users can:
  • Login
  • Manage own banners
  • View statistics

  • Add/delete/modify/validate Banners
  • Add/delete/modify Banner Zones
  • Add/delete/modify Clients
  • Manage Removed Banners
  • View Statistics
  • Generate Banner codes

New features:
  • Weight based banner display
  • Added target option
  • Test link for zones

To access the demo admin area, here are the login information: username: admin password: admin

Requirements: php language (4.x), mysql database, any web server;

Server Compatibility Test - Download a simple php file to see if this script will run on your server!
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