R. Wasilewski  19-Mar-2007 16:48:09
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A really good and easy in use script, with expirienced and professional support team, having an answer on all you questions.

PHP-Jokesite ver1.6PHP-Jokesite ver1.6 - price US $49

PHP-Jokesite, is a customizable joke site. The script has some advanced customization option (this can be found in the admin area) which can be used to integrate the script into your website design (layout) and adjust to your preferences. You don't have to know programming to be able to make this kind of changes, you don't even have to open a file. Editing the settings is as simple as browsing with your preferred browser. If you can't manage this or some problems occurred, we are offering our help to make the necessary changes.

- Current version of the Php-Jokesite is 1.6. Please read more about our Upgrade Policy here.


Users can:
  • Post Jokes
  • Post Pictures
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to site daily/weekly/monthly joke newsletter
  • Subscribe to advertiser newsletters
  • Send joke to his friends
  • Send postcards to his friends
  • Put on their site Content channel with "Joke of the day" and "Picture of the day"

  • Add/delete/modify/validate jokes
  • Add/delete/modify/validate pictures
  • Add/delete/modify joke, picture, censor, newsletter categories
  • Modify site colors (layout) and most important site settings
  • Manage daily/weekly/monthly newsletters
  • Manage newsletter subscribers
  • Manage advertiser newsletters
  • Send bulk email to subscribers
  • Add/delete/modify Banners

and more...

To access the demo admin area, here are the login information: username: admin password: admin

Requirements: php language (4.x), mysql database, any web server;

Server Compatibility Test - Download a simple php file to see if this script will run on your server!
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John Aman28-Feb-2006 11:04:04

To appreciate your script in three words

>> " Your Joke Script Rocks " <<

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I have had jokesite installed on my server for a good few months now and it really is a good script. Support was also good - the script was customised for me at no extra charge. Well recommended.


A. C.30-May-2003

man, this is exactly what I've been looking for. I had something like this before, but it wouldn't work on a windows server. All the other solutions I've found are outrageously expensive!!!!!

This one, costs peanuts compared to the others. I'm buying.


Charles Nyabeze03-Mar-2003

I think that this script has even more potential than I originally thought. I would like an opportunity to help develop it furhter and also to sell it via my site at http://www.deepbluecomputerservices.com I plan to sell really good scripts that are programmed in php asp cgi. Especially scripts that make the web browsing experience a comfortable one.


Charles C. Nyabeze18-Feb-2003

This is the best script that I have ever seen. True value for the dollar.

I love it.. I love.. I love it


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